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Through the 2 day CIF bootcamp, I learnt the value of sourcing quality products at a fair price.
I learnt to ship quality inspected goods from China directly to an Amazon Fulfilment centre.
I don’t touch or hold my goods. The item sells and Amazon do the rest. I spend my time growing the business and not working the business.
In my trial run, I sold 800/900 of my goods within a 3 month period and looking to expand further.

The goods cost me less than $5 usd and selling for $19.97. , that’s ~$16,000

Thank you to Brendan and his team for their guidance and valuable knowledge

Jack Epsimos

What is a Webinar? How does it help?
A webinar is a “live” online conference call with one of our specialists. It is a web based presentation that allows for interaction between the webinar speaker and those joined in to listen and learn. The topics of our webinars are essential to those involved in importing goods from China. The opportunities to make money are limitless. Our webinars bring you closer to your goal as a successful importing entrepreneur. You simply log on onto a computer, ipad, or phone and you can participate live.

Participating in our webinars is a once in a life time opportunity. Our webinars allow for discussion and questions, giving you the opportunity to be an active participant in your learning process. Our experts know the China import business better than most in the field, and this knowledge they want to bring to you. You must enroll first, in order to participate in our webinars, so don’t miss your opportunity and enroll now.

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